Coleman Municipal Airport

Not Your Average Small Town Airport.

Refurbished and updated in 2003, the Coleman Municipal Airport offers pristine ramps and runways, convenient fueling stations, a comfortable passenger terminal, a relaxing pilots’ lounge, a weather computer, and courtesy cars for free transport to and from the airport. Its services make it an ideal airport for businesses, both aviation-related and otherwise, to utilize for shipping and transport needs.

Great Location

Another attractive feature is the adjoining Coleman Industrial Park, where approximately 75,000 square feet of building space sits adjacent to the tarmac. The industrial park is ideal for businesses looking to establish additional shipping points or businesses looking for a home office.



Rich History

The airport was established in 1941, and began as a base for training air force pilots. At the end of the war, the facility reverted to the city of Coleman. Several key people were responsible for maintaining the airport’s development and growth over decades of use, and Bill Laws’ significant work with the airport is commemorated today with the Bill Laws terminal.

Its rich history makes its bright future even more exciting. City officials are focused on improving the airport to create more employment opportunities in Coleman, and the Texas Department of Transportation has provided matching grants to assist the airport in completing a new fuel farm, which will include jet fuel. An Automatic Weather Observing System is expected to be in place and fully functioning by the end of the year. City officials are planning to expand the airport’s services to include small plane servicing, such as a radio shop, paint shop, and upholstery business. This would compliment the existing aircraft mechanic shop that the airport currently offers. These exciting additions will poise the Coleman Municipal Airport to be a full-service regional airport with everything businesses and aviation enthusiasts need.

Coleman Municipal Airport
503 Airport Road
Coleman, TX 76834
(325) 625-2293