.Frequently Asked Questions

Growing or starting a business comes with many questions, and these questions are not always specific only to the business. Families relocate, travel and make adjustments as businesses start, relocate or expand. Below are a few of the questions the Coleman EDC has answered for businesses coming to Coleman.

What makes Coleman an ideal location for oil and gas service businesses?

Conveniently located in Central Texas, Coleman is ideal for businesses serving the oil and gas industry at the crossroads of many shales. With the Permian Basin, Barnett Shale and Eagle Ford still very active and the Cline Shale forecasted to be the most rewarding yet, Coleman is the pass through point for oil and gas service businesses covering these areas.

Why is Coleman's workforce more equipped than most small towns in Texas?

With a population of roughly 5,000 people and civilian labor force of over 4,000, Coleman is ideal for business. The median individual income in Coleman is $10,000 less than the Texas average median income due to the lower cost of living allowing families to live more abundantly on less income. Therefore, businesses thrive with an abundant, hardworking workforce and a lower than average crime rate. Coleman treats businesses like people – with courtesy, respect and appreciation.

How do Coleman schools stack up?

With a teacher to student ratio of 11:1, the Coleman Independent School District gives students the education they need with the personal attention they want. It doesn’t stop there… with an awesome athletic program offering football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and more, Coleman ISD is great for families who want their children to attends schools where their educations what they deserve.