The Coleman Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to enriching the economic climate of Coleman and its surrounding area. Our local businesses are the fuel that propel our economy, and we take pride in the businesses that are rooted in Coleman, Texas. We answer questions that prospective business owners have about operating a business here, and continue offering support to businesses long after they are established.

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Ideal Location

Coleman is at the junction of five major highways, just 155 miles from Fort Worth, and only 330 miles from Houston’s deep-water sea port. Considering the current speculation of natural gas reserves nearby, you could even say we’re perfectly positioned to become the “Pipeline to West Texas”.


The Coleman Municipal Airport offers pristine ramps and runways, and its many services make it an ideal airport for businesses to utilize for shipping and transport needs. You also have access to an intermodal mainline railroad (BNSF) with daily service to Houston and Los Angeles.


An abundance of land and ample industrial space make it a great place to start, grow, or relocate your business. Coleman County’s population is 9,710 at a median age of 42.1, and a civilian labor force of 4,335. Low business costs and a skilled workforce provide an abundance of wide open possibilities.


Quality of Life

The charms of small town life are waiting for you in Coleman, Texas. Escape the metropolis, and discover warm hospitality, a vibrant community life, rich natural resources and bountiful hunting leases. Give us the chance to show you why we are often called, “The Friendliest Town in Texas”.